About us

Howdy all

Thank you for clicking on to the Smokehouse Saloon based at The Swan Winterbourne, a BBQ, smoked meat & steak restaurant based in Winterbourne Bristol. Here's a little of what we are about. The Swan and smokehouse saloon is run by husband and wife Shaun & Bernette, and under the supervision of manager and front of house Georga. In the kitchen and preparing the food and overseeing all activities is head chef Becky.  Shaun & Bernette took over as leaseholders from Robyn and Sandra who were at the helm for 7 very successful years.  Their vision was to do something different. They wanted to make the Swan a fun, destination to visit for families, friends and couples alike. In March 2016, they completely  overhauled both the restaurant and much of our outside space to bring a taste of Wild West America. Although we have updated it's décor, we have maintained the Swan Bar to be the long-standing pub it has always been.

A menu to match our décor

You might ask, "what food type lends itself to the Wild West"? Well that is easy. It has to be meat, meat and more meat. Think back to all those Wild West movies staring heroes such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, etc. where cowboys gathered around the chuck wagon surrounded by a massive herd of steers. Just an in'jun short of a stampede! Those open timber fires out on the range and the smokey ranch houses at night told us how we were going to do the cooking. Yes siree, its all about the meat, - excellent quality meats, steaks, burgers, ribs and meats that have been smoked low 'n' slow in our own smoker. We want you to step inside our Saloon, feel like you have just tied your horse to the rail and hung your guns on the wall.

Celebrating the art of re-cycling

Right on trend, our restaurant has been refurbished using re-cycled timber where ever possible. The 'rickety' tables and the new bar have been made from old scaffold planks while the picture frames and window pelmits are from pallet timber. We have also carried the Wild West theme outside. Gone are the unimaginative swings and slides. We now have a Tepee in it's own Corral and interactive games for the young 'uns to play in. We also have games like oversized "Noughts and Crosses", "Connect Four" and some throwing games to entertain all. With ample seating nearby, parents and guardians can either join in the fun or sit, relax and keep an eye out for any smoke signals. Call us today to make a reservation at our Smokehouse Saloon, the new BBQ & Steak restaurant in Winterbourne Bristol