The Smokehouse Saloon

June 10, 2016 1:15 pm Published by Our decision has come after a lot of research and visiting similar establishments both here in the UK and while on holiday in the States. It is not possible to open a bar in America without also selling food. You can therefore imagine how many and varied outlets there are. However, there was one type we found ourselves re-visiting time after time. You guessed it .... the BBQ joints. The theme has become very popular through TV programmes like 'Man v Food' and 'Drive Ins/Diners and Dives'. The ethos is very simple; produce good helpings of good quality food in a fun atmosphere and people will visit time after time. Some of the places we visited were better than others of course both here and in the US. We have tried to take a bit of inspiration from what we found and liked and then apply a bit of our own personality on things. .

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