Main Course – Restaurant Menu


Mains - See our Rootin tootin' page too for our pre-order speciality cuts The following dishes are all served with a choice of two sides. Please refer to bottom of page to select SIDES

Cattleman's Cuts

D Cut Rump      £12.00 (8oz)  /  £17.50(12oz) To ensure full flavour, our butcher hangs these "bad-boys" for 21 days, - just like they did with the outlaws Flat Iron Steak  £12.00 (8oz) / £17.50 (12oz) Cut from the top shoulder blade, the Flat Iron is full of flavour & very tender. Although we will cook to your preference,  we would encourage these steaks to be eaten rare to medium rare Rib Eye  £19.50 (12oz) A highly marbled cut and one of the richest and beefiest cuts available T-Bone  £24.00 (16oz) Fillet on one side and sirloin on the other. A time tested favourite.   Add steak sauce   £2.50 Mushroom / Peppercorn / Blue Cheese / Béarnaise / Garlic Butter   Go Surf n' turf  £5.50 Add a portion of Prawns cooked in Chilli & Garlic olive oil  

Homestead Cuts

The Hen House  £11.50 Half a roast chicken brushed with our Saloon BBQ Sauce The Hog Shack  £12.50 This very tender 16oz port chop is cut off the shoulder. It is pan-seared and finished off in the oven so please allow extra time for cooking. Served with cider n' apple sauce The Sheep Pen  £18.00 This very juicy 12oz butterflied lamb chop is griddled. Sprinkled with a hint of rosemary & thyme. Served with homemade mint sauce. The Creek  £18.50 Fish Platter. Subject to supply, our fish platter typically contains smoked white fish, haddock, salmon, mackerel and prawns.


Baby Back Ribs      £12.50 Smoked low n' slow till they fall off the bone and blazed with our sweet and sticky BBQ sauce Beef Flat Rib on the bone  £21.50  (20oz) Cut from the end of ribs and belly underside, this tender and juicy rib has been marinated overnight then cooked low n' slow St Louis Ribs 1 rib £9.50 ... 2 ribs £13.00 ... 3 ribs £17.50 ... 4 ribs £21.50 ... 5 ribs £25.00 ... 6 ribs £32.50 The Ma n' Pa of all pork ribs. These are really meaty, juicy n' tender "belly on" ribs. We hope you are hungry. SIDES All dishes listed above are served with a choice of two sides. Any additional sides will be charged £2.50 per portion. Home Cut twice fried chunky chips Sweet potato fries Jacket Potato Mash potato salad (contains Mayo, onion, spring onion and some gherkin) Boursin Mash (served hot, this dish is both cheesy and garlicy) Blazing saddle beans (This tomato based dish is made from a mix of 5 bean types and has a kick thanks to the addition of chilli and Jalapeno  sausage) Corn on the cob Side Salad Coleslaw Mac n' cheese Sautee Mushrooms (with or without garlic) Onion Rings Minted Garden Peas